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We have various packaging products, but our focus has always been coffee bags. We are the leading coffee bag manufacturer and have an international clientele. We are experienced in producing quality coffee bags according to the different demands of our customers. The professional team at the production house understands all about the requirements and needs of coffee packaging. The bags are designed in a way to keep the contents airtight and fresh for a longer period of time.

When it comes to packaging, quality is a must. The better the quality, the more the sales. Buyers are entitled to spend their money on the items which attract their eyes in a first glance. That is the exact quality of ZLPACK, the coffee bags we design and produce are unmatched elsewhere, and they assure buyers about the quality of their content. As the experienced coffee bag manufacturer, we assure you, our packaging is hard to resist, and you are bound to double your sales with our wrapping of your products.

If you are interested to game up your marketing a notch, then you should go for our packaging solutions. We may have a reputation as the finest coffee bag manufacturer in China, but we are not restricted to manufacturing only these bags. We have a wide range of products which includes almost all sort of wrapping that is available in the market such as; plastic bags, food packaging films, vacuum pouches, flexible packaging film, and many more.

We are a responsible organization and considering the on-going catastrophe regarding the environment we try our best to minimize the reverse effects and protect our atmosphere as much as we can. Our production units are always in a state of evolution as we keep them upgraded technologically to provide the best packaging services.
The team we have is highly professional and tries to cater to all the queries a client may have. If you want to deal with one of the best coffee bag suppliers, then ZLPACK is your solution.

Quality Coffee Bag Manufacturer in China

ZLPACK designs the finest quality coffee packaging bags for wrapping grounded coffee or roasted coffee beans. These coffee bags are available in innovative and unique styles. We produce digitally printed coffee bags in white paper, brown paper, or plastic foil (biodegradable) lamination. If you don’t have a perfect design or have an outdated design and need to change, we can provide you with this service.

We constantly develop quality coffee packaging bags in the shape of paper bags and plastic bags. We manufacture bags in order to retain the quality of coffee beans, which will be wrapped inside the coffee bag.

Here at ZLPACK, we completely understand how packaging plays a key role in the profitability of your coffee product. A diligent balance must exist for you in order to maximize your organization’s profits while having optimal shelf appeal and marketability.
Over-spending on bag production and services that give no value to your product, will erase your profit margins. While skimping opens a whole range of other potential risks, from out of specs material to zero customer service.
Therefore, we take enough time to intimately grasp your process needs, goals, and visions. Because then we enable ourselves to truly provide the required value to your business. By adopting this understanding philosophy we guarantee that our coffee packaging bags will satisfy you.

As an essential element of a usual coffee shop packaging, a coffee bag design has a key role in terms of your overall branding plan. Since coffee bags are among the most important items in your product packaging, it has the benefit of showing off your products or company’s branding in a prominent way.

We have all the ingredients to make coffee bags prominent and adaptable to your vision and business ideology. ZLPACK is renowned to provide the customer with what they need to satisfy their clients.

Kaiping Zhongli Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the bridgehead of China's reform and opening up - Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, and was changed to the current company in June 2016.

Our products include shrink labels, food plastic packaging, plastic bags, laminated pouches, flexible packaging film, coffee bags, juice pouches, snack packaging film, retort pouches, vacuum pouches.




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